Cambodia Story

The need and demand for premium education in Cambodia led business owner Virak Ly to expand programming from Preschool to Primary School within five years.

As an international MBA student living in Montreal, Virak Ly had first-hand experience understanding the value of an education in Canada. Virak felt confident a North American brand would resonate overseas and made the decision to enter a master franchise agreement with Learning Jungle to bring Canadian practices to his home country.

Learning Jungle became the first Canadian franchise school offering early childhood education in Cambodia.

Cambodia recognizes the importance of early childhood education and has made significant improvements to their education system over the years. Learning Jungle opened in January 2014 and is successfully making a presence in Cambodia as a quality education provider.


Peace of Mind

From a Canadian Brand

 A Canadian backed company gave Virak peace of mind, knowing he had the support and expertise required to deliver premium programming. 


Exclusivity of Learning Jungle

in Four Countries

 A master franchise gave Virak the opportunity to grow exclusively in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. With strong commercial and business roots in Cambodia, Virak was confident the Learning Jungle brand would be receptive to local communities.


Social Responsibility

to Improve Opportunities for Children

 As a native Cambodian, Virak loved his country and knew from a young age the importance of education.

Learning Jungle Cambodia Road to Success


August 2013 | Virak Ly enters into a single franchise licence.

January 2014 | Learning Jungle opens first location in Phnom Penh

March 2014 | Virak soon recognized the demand in his community and within 7 months entered into an international master franchise agreement. The agreement allowed him exclusivity with the Learning Jungle brand for all of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. 

February 2015 | Learning Jungle opens a second location in Phnom Penh for Kindergarten students. Taking advantage of the Learning Jungle global network, head office in Canada provided immediate resources to assist with new centre build. 

June 2016 | Learning Jungle Elementary School launches; Learning Jungle Kindergarten campus moves to a larger facility and expands programming to include Primary School students.  

Today, Learning Jungle Cambodia is one of the leading education institutions in Cambodia.

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